TJ Richards is an audiobook narrator with a love for diverse LGBT+ fiction and damned fine stories!  She is also an LGBT+ activist, National Co-Chair of the LGBT+ Embrace Network, a Trustee for Q:Alliance and on the founding committee for RoundabOUT; Milton Keynes' Inter Company LGBT+ Network.  A busy woman indeed!

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Audiobook Review: Just Three Words – By Melissa Brayden, narrated by Felicity Munroe

Amazon Summary


Sometimes the one you want is the one you least suspect...


Accountant Samantha Ennis craves order and structure. As the bookkeeper at the boutique advertising agency she owns with her three best friends, it's her job to apply logic to the chaos. When one of those best friends, laid back Hunter Blair, moves in to share her loft apartment, Sam's carefully organized world is thrown wildly askew.


Hunter Blair's been the coolest one in the room since elementary school. Until recently, her biggest worry in the world was which of the girls in her cell phone to call on a Saturday night. But it's not long before Samantha sparks a fire in Hunter that has her questioning her old habits and longing for new ones. Isn't it a bad idea to fall for one of your best friends? Samantha and Hunter are about to find out.



The Story


This was my first Melissa Brayden book, (which is probably not something I should say out loud lest my lesbian card be revoked) but I was intrigued after listening to an interview with her on the Lesbian Talkshow podcast and decided to have a listen.  I was not disappointed!  The scenes were deftly described, the characters were nuanced and interesting, and the dialogue was hilariously witty and fast paced.  It was also nice to have a bit of diversity amongst the cast, and Sam’s bisexuality was presented brilliantly. 


The Audio


This is what a professional and highly talented audiobook narration sounds like – and I took copious notes so I could glean a few lessons from a master!  Felicity Munroe was the perfect choice to pair with this story, and she effortlessly brought each character to life and added a level of snark that fit the story perfectly.  Her Hawaiian accent was spot on and reminded me instantly of my Hawaiian friends - she didn’t go over the line into impressions but kept it authentic and believable. 





There is honestly nothing I can think of that was not brilliant with this audiobook.  If you’d like an introduction to Melissa Brayden or Felicity Munroe’s work, this is a great audiobook to get your ears on.  Highly recommended!




5 Stars

Audiobook Review: Fortunate Sum by M Ullrich, Narrated by Ruby Rivers

Catherine Carter is a successful and driven financial advisor who aims to find happiness by following her life plan and ticking every goal off her list.  Her next deadline is looming – to find her ideal man and settle down before she turns 30.  Following a chance meeting with a psychic at a birthday party, the skeptical Catherine agrees to a reading and isn’t sure if what she’s told has any value, or is just the vague rantings of a con artist.  But a few things she’s told stick in her head and she starts to wonder what the future holds in store for her and her life plan.  Soon, Catherine agrees to meet with a private client as a financial advisor, and her world gets turned upside down when she meets the outgoing and quirky Imogene Harris, who isn’t keen on letting a perfect stranger help her with her inheritance.  As the women spend more time together their relationship starts to shift from working to flirting, Catherine is faced with a choice – continue following her life plan, or take a leap and follow her heart?

M Ullrich has written a great story with lively and believable characters.  It moves at a rate that keeps the reader begging for more – and never quite able to put it down for long.  At times the story moves in a way that feels like the reader knows what is going to happen next, before the author suddenly throws the trope completely out the window and leaves your head spinning.  It’s refreshing and exciting and utterly addicting.  When the reader inevitably reaches the end of the story, a book hangover is sure to be in store!

The audio format was slightly harder to embrace as the pace of Ruby Rivers' narration felt very rushed in the first half, and there were some issues with sibilance early in the recording.  The speed settled down about half way through the book and the story was so engaging that the listener is likely to forgive this and allow the narrator to find the flow of the story.  And while a few of the character voices were difficult to distinguish from one another when they were speaking in the same scene, one certainly can’t fault the narrator for their enthusiasm to perform the story, and overall it is not an unpleasurable experience. 

The audiobook format of this book earned itself a solid 4 stars, and is well worth a listen.  This reader will definitely be looking for more from this author!