TJ Richards is an audiobook narrator with a love for diverse LGBT+ fiction and damned fine stories!  She is also an LGBT+ activist, National Co-Chair of the LGBT+ Embrace Network, a Trustee for Q:Alliance and on the founding committee for RoundabOUT; Milton Keynes' Inter Company LGBT+ Network.  A busy woman indeed!

Wolf Diaries

  • Author: Bridget Essex

  • Narrator: TJ Richards

  • Release Date: Fall 2018

  • Length: 7 hours 33 minutes

  • Publisher: Rose & Star Press

Wolf Diaries Audio Cover v1.jpg

Who said anything about love?

Jadin Fields is a werewolf with a big heart. She loves her work as a dog trainer at a pet store, and she loves spending time with her kid sister. She has such a big heart, in fact, that when a complete (and gorgeous) stranger approaches her out of the blue at a pizza shop and begs her to act like her girlfriend--just for a minute...Jadin actually says yes.

Tess Loranger has long, honey blonde hair, a bewitching smile and is the most attractive woman Jadin has ever set eyes on. She was also just dumped by her fiancee, and is trying, desperately, to show her that Tess can rebound just as fast as she can. 

But this is just a one-time thing, right? Just a few minutes in a pizza parlor. Just one, amazing kiss, right in front of Tess's ex-fiancee...

But then there's the party. And the wedding. And then Jadin realizes she just might be falling for the woman she's not supposed to be in love with...

What could possibly go wrong?

What Reviewers Say:

"This is 10 star worthy! I fell in absolute love with this book---the format and the characters are so different and so very good. Tess just couldn't seem to get over her ex-fiancé and Jadin just couldn't get over her "fake" relationship with Tess. Since Jadin is the one writing the journal, I really got to know her and connected with her easily. Tess--was a good person who had a hard time letting go of what she thought she wanted. Being werewolves just added another irresistible element to the whole equation. With every new book by this author, I always think, "This is my new favorite" but this one really and truly has to be my all time favorite by this gifted writer. Every emotion imaginable is brought to light in these pages and I was unable to put this one down until it was over. Please do yourself a favor and read this. You will be so very happy that you did. Oh, yes,----I also felt that Tortellini was in tribute to a bunny that the author recently lost and also to welcome the new bunny! So sweet!"

-The Old One, Amazon


"I loved the way this story was laid out. Telling us the story in journal entries was ingenious. The story line popped and the main charter sizzled. I highly recommend this book!"

-Lynette, Amazon

"Essex is a great story teller and doesn't disappoint here. The format isn't the usual and may throw some folks off, but don't let that be you. It's written in a journal format by main butch/wolf Jadin Fields, dog trainer and animal lover, about her experience with luscious fem Tess Loranger, executive game builder. They meet in a pizza shop when Tess asks Jadin for a favor. Every character is a wolf in this story. It's sometimes funny, frustrating, and heartbreaking. The sex is hot and carries you along. It's a good love story. Enjoy!"

- Lisa R Smith, Amazon