TJ Richards is an audiobook narrator with a love for diverse LGBT+ fiction and damned fine stories!  She is also an LGBT+ activist, National Co-Chair of the LGBT+ Embrace Network, a Trustee for Q:Alliance and on the founding committee for RoundabOUT; Milton Keynes' Inter Company LGBT+ Network.  A busy woman indeed!

Twice In a Lifetime

  • Author: Clare Lydon
  • Narrator: TJ Richards
  • Release Date:  March 2018
  • Length: 8 hours 4 minutes
  • Publisher: Custard Books
Twice In a Lifetime Cover 1.jpg

Once bitten, twice shy?

When her first love walks back into her life, Harriet Locke is thrown - because Sally McCall still looks as gorgeous as ever. The trouble is, Sally doesn’t trust Harriet, and with good reason: she hasn’t forgotten the past.

Sally loved her once, but 17 years later, is that still the case? And if it is, there’s just the small matter of living in different states, as well as convincing Sally she’s worth taking a chance on again.

Will Harriet and Sally be lucky enough to find love twice in a lifetime?

What Reviewers Say:

5 Stars!  At first, I didn’t know what to think about Clare Lydon moving across the Pond as I was so used to, and so caught up in, all her London characters. But you know what? Clare is just as good on the other side of the Atlantic as she is on ours. Her latest book is set in Chicago/New York and main characters workaholic Harriet and wary Sally have history and unfinished business. Adding an orange ribbon and an outrageous Aunt Paula to the mix results in a funny and ultimately heart-warming and passionate tale written in the typical Clare Lydon fashion which we all love. Give it a go! PS Aunt Paula’s back story would be a best-seller. Just saying...



5 Stars! - Clare hits it out of the park again. I have read all of her previous work and I sometimes get to the point where I'm wary a writer may have "lost it". Not Clare - I don't think it's possible for this lady! The characters are human - they're flawed, they're real. There is no allusion to perfection and that's what I love about all of Clare's work. This is a beautiful story - something you might think far fetched but it's written in such a way that you think "actually maybe it could happen". Occasionally books that 'flash back' loose momentum - not the case here. You become so invested in these two, in their relationship. I couldn't put it down!

-A McGillicuddy


5 Stars!  Great read and story, this was one of those book you start and keep reading until the end it was that good. The story revolves around two women and a few others. You may find yourself laughing at times with some of the story so don't worry if anyone looks at you funny, just keep reading I did, Some asked what the book was called so I told them and the author name.  Clare Lydon the author has done another great job of writing this and with each book they get better,she is a true lover of romance and humour. Cannot wait for her next book.