TJ Richards is an audiobook narrator with a love for diverse LGBT+ fiction and damned fine stories!  She is also an LGBT+ activist, National Co-Chair of the LGBT+ Embrace Network, a Trustee for Q:Alliance and on the founding committee for RoundabOUT; Milton Keynes' Inter Company LGBT+ Network.  A busy woman indeed!


Please note: I feel it's important to help address the imbalanced representation of the LGBT+ community in the world of literature, therefore I am currently only accepting LGBT+ titles from 2018, with the exception of any follow on titles from the wonderful authors I've already had the pleasure of working with.


I generally contract my work via and encourage authors to contact me via that platform, but depending on the project I may contract externally.  If you are considering contacting me for external audiobook work, I have listed my standard rates below.  


It's also worth noting that I do not rush through audiobooks for the sake of increasing sales - I have a day job that pays my bills so this for me this is  a labour of love - and I want it to sound just right.  Generally, for every 1 hour of finished audio I will take 1 week, depending on whether it is Royalty Share project or not (Non royalty share projects have the editing and / or mastering subbed out to a professional studio to get that extra polish).



Royalty Share (RS) Projects

  • Generally via ACX with a 50/50 split of the royalties (after sale) with the rights holder, for 7 years. 
  • All editing and mastering is done by me, so these projects generally take slightly longer to complete.


Hybrid Projects

  • A fee of $100.00 USD / £75 GBP per finished hour is paid up front, and used to cover expenses for sending the raw audio to a professional studio for editing and mastering.
  • Plus Standard Royalty Share (as detailed above)
  • Mastering is subbed out to an experienced and professional audiobook studio for a high quality finish and a quicker turn around.